Sales price: € 1020,00


Device Type: Acoustic Enhancement Accessory
Dimensions: High Frequency Transducer 8 mm length with 8 mm diameter, Frequency Equalizer (H X W X D ) 7.25 inches X 4.125 inches X 4.125 inches
Weight: Frequency Equalizer 1.62 pounds


The Frequency Equalizer physically is a black rectangular object with aluminum top and bottom plates. It is a small black device measuring 7.25 inches in height and 4.125 inches in width and depth. There is an on-off switch on the back of the FEQ with two receptacles; one for a ground plug and the other for a wall wart power supply that is pretty hefty in weight. A blue LED is illuminated on the back of the unit when the FEQ is on. Synergistic Research feels that the FEQ acts as a Tranquility Base for the room enhancing the total sound of your system. The ground plane technology found in the Synergistic Research Tranquility Base and PowerCell products are utilized in the FEQ. As with the HFT, the concurrent use of the FEQ provides similar system enhancements but even more striking and pronounced than those achieved with just the HFTs.

The Sound Became Holographic In My Listening Room
The FEQ's sonic effect when on is very obvious; especially when used concurrently with the HFTs. The soundstage became even more layered in front-to-back information with superior reproduction of the acoustic space and air of the recording. Soundstage height became larger and more natural sounding with less constriction of the music. The best way to describe this phenomenon is that the soundstage seemed holographic in its presentation. The FEQ seems to remove a dark veil from the music with superior rendition of high end detail and transients. Vocalists and instruments were more vivid and easily heard with the FEQ on. Bass was much better defined and had more impact. The FEQ's effects were not subtle. Turning the unit on and off allowed me to easily asses the sonic contributions of this component to my system. The background silence was improved as it was with the HFT, but even more so.