ks h2 + m10

KS - H2 and M10

BRAND: KingSound Email
Sales price: € 1290,00


The most accessible combination of KingSound's ESL headphone amplifier and headphone

Technical details for the H2:
Frequency Response 10Hz - 46kHz
Electrostatic Capacity 140pF
Impedence 113kΩ (at 10kHz)
Sensitivity 109 dB (at 100vrms)
Maximum output sound level 116dB
Standard bias voltage 550Vdc
Weight 0.42kg

Technical details for the M10:
Frequency Response 1Hz - 50KHz (-3dB at 50Vrms out)
Input Impedance 24kΩ
Rated Input Level 150mV (100V Output)
Max. Output Voltage >300Vrms (<1% THD)
Signal to Noise Ratio >100dB (re. 100V output A-weighted)
Bass Boost +9dB at 20Hz, +3dB at 100Hz
Harmonic distortion 0.01%(at 100Vrms/1kHz output)

Dimensions (mm)170(W) * 265(H) * 60(D)
Weight 2.3kg