Taurus Pre

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TAURUS PRE is a fully balanced line stage pre-amplifier. It is the finest coalescence of art and passion by inheriting the design essence of analog recording equipments from the 'golden age' and aesthetic taste of this new era. Together with MERAK, the power amplifier, TAURUS PRE would bring an ideal audio playback system, which is fantastic enough to please the most enthusiastic audiophile.

Based upon the design concept of Neve analog console, combined with modern aesthetic of music, AURALiC invent the OREFEO Class A output module and fit it into TAURUS PRE. Thanks to the brand new designed low noise input circuit and better power solution, TAURUS PRE achieves a remarkable residual noise performance at 3uV in minimum, this allows it to handle micro dynamics in the music by a perfect way with a liquid transparency

To make it easier to enjoy the pleasure of music, TAURUS PRE is equipped with remote control and various I/O ports. Three sets single-ended and one set balanced input ports allow you switch back and forth between different music sources. While the single-ended and balanced output ports can deliver musical signals simultaneously, driving different back end. Furthermore, with high quality headphone ports, TAURUS PRE can shut the noisy world out and enable you to immerse yourself in the pure and magnificent world of music.

Frequency Response
3Hz - 300KHz, +/- 3dB
20Hz - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB

<0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz

Dynamic Range
>130dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted


10dB/16dB (XLR Input/RCA Input)

Intput Ports
3 x RCA: max. undistorted level 6Vrms
1 x XLR: max. undistorted level 12Vrms

Output Ports
1 x RCA pre-amplifier out
1 x XLR pre-amplifier out
2 x 6.35mm headphone out

Maximum Swing Voltage
12Vrms/24Vrms(RCA output/XLR output)

Power Dissipation
25W at max.

11''W x 9''D x 2.6''H (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)

9.6 pounds (4.4kg)