Sales price: € 7500,00


The "KAI" is designed to rank amongst the very best cartridges along with the Lyra Atlas and Goldfinger Statement at the 10,000 price range. It represents Ikeda san's over four decades of experience in cartridge design.

The "KAI" represents the finest masterpiece of his entire analog career.
The name of the new cartridge is "魁 KAI" in Japanese which means 1) Pioneer 2) Forerunner 3) Herald 4) Leader 5) The first star of the Big Dipper/The Great Bear.
High quality materials and components include:
The special IKEDA Blue Alumite housing is crafted from solid Aluminum alloy with buff finishing.
The Top of the cartridge is made of Titanium
The Base of the cartridge to sustain the generator unit is made of Titanium
The Cantilever is made of Boron to ensure proper delivery of oscillation.
Highly efficient Permalloy core, low impedance coils, ideally shaped magnet yoke and the generator unit embedded a samarium-cobalt magnet are further highlights of the new IKEDA KAI MC cartridge design.
Each cartridge is hand assembled, precisely aligned and inspected one by one.
Output voltage is 0.19 mVrms, coil impedance is 2.5 Ohms and appropriate stylus force is 1.8 gram (+/-0.2 grams). Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 45 kHz, channel separation is over 27dB and channel balance is within 1.0 dB. (1kHz).

The special materials and the carftmanship will bring out the best of both of the micro-ridge stylus diamond and the boron cantilever to trace the groove accurately from the lowest 10 Hz up to the super high range of 45kHz.