9AS Digital System Active Speakers

Sales price: € 900,00


QUAD is proud to introduce the 9AS, based on the mini-monitor concept of the deservedly popular Quad 9L. The 9AS is a brand new design featuring a new treble unit with associated waveguide front plate and the classic Quad woven Kevlar bass unit, both driven by low distortion Class AB amplifiers via a sophisticated active crossover.

If that was all you might expect the 9AS Active mini-monitor to be suitable for near field monitoring in the studio which, of course, it is. But 9AS offers more than just a standard active speaker. Look behind and you’ll find inputs for a variety of digital sources making 9AS compatible with CD players, PCs, MacBooks, iPods or Smartphones as well as analogue sources. Switching between these inputs is handled simply by touching the requisite symbol on the front panel or via the remote control

An ultra high performance DAC, as found on Quad’s Elite CD players, resolves digital inputs with up to 24 bit/192kHz accuracy. USB, Coaxial and Optical digital inputs allow a variety of ways to connect and switch between your digital sources. The 9AS thus becomes a full preamplifier and power amplifier plus loudspeaker combination that can be driven from multiple digital and analogue inputs. There is even a 3.5mm jack socket on the side for quick connection of the headphone output of an iPod or Smartphone. All this controlled by the master speaker, the slave is controlled by a 12V trigger.

The amplifier can be controlled by discrete touch sensors, with associated indicators, on the front panel just below the magnetic grille. A simple swipe across the volume strip will immediately increase or decrease the volume, or you can touch to set the volume at a particular level. Of course volume can also be adjusted from the remote control.

In common with the versatility of input selection for the 9AS comes versatility of positioning too. A rear panel switch offers bass EQ suitable for free standing, desk mount and wall mounting, providing the perfect balance where ever you wish to use the speakers. In addition an optional foot extension tilts the speakers up if you wish to use them on your computer desk.


Model Nmae    9AS Digital System
  General description    2-way bookshelf active speaker
   Design philosopgy and core technology    Digital input (USB+optical+coaxial)
      Supports sampling frequencies up to 24 bit/192kHz)
     Analog input (RCA Line + 3.5mm AUX IN)
  Enclosure type    Bass reflex
  Midbass driver    100mm woven Kevlar cone
  Treble driver (High frequency driver)    25mm woven Kevlar cone
   AV shielded    No
   Input sensitivity    400mV
   Rated power output    65W LF + 35W HF
   Peak power output    130W LF + 70W HF
   Standby power    0.5W
   Peak SPL    110dB
   Frequency reponse (+/-3dB)    65Hz - 23kHz
   Bass extension (-6dB)    47Hz
   Crossover frequency    2.5kHz
   Cabinet volume    4.3L
   Dimensions (H x W x D)   302 x 152 x 215 (mm)
   Net weight   9.4kg