QPM 1 Pro Active Monitors

Sales price: € 1200,00


The QPM1 is a high quality reference monitor intended to help the recording engineer produce an accurate and reliable recording. Designed with this specific purpose, the QPM1 has performance and user features to make the monitoring part of the process as easy, transparent and accurate as possible. The 25.4mm Titanium diaphragm on the high frequency driver projects crystal clear high frequencies with minimal distortion. Carbon Fiber is used as the cone material as it is a lightweight, ultra strong material. The low and midrange frequencies come through effortlessly and cleanly. Those dynamic passages, such as the crack of a snare drum or the report of cannon, come through just like the real thing.

The QPM1 monitors are also ideal in Audio/ Visual applications. The rich accurate sound is a great complement to any visual performance or presentation.

Using the QPM1 in 5.1 or 7.1 Systems makes your multi-channel experience spectacular. Add a powered subwoofer and you have a first rate home theatre system. Because the speakers are so smooth in frequency response it makes it easier to position them with ease and obtain wonderful results.

Passive Components
Transducer complement 2-Way
Cone Bass driver 5" 125mm
Cone Bass driver 5" 125mm
Soft Dome Tweeter 1" 25mm
Bass driver D688
Tweeter D695

Active Components
Bass Power Amplifier 60W
Treble Power Amplifier 40W
Active Crossover Network 1.8KHz

System Performance
Frequency response /-6dB 45Hz-24Khz (unfiltered)
Bass filter -6dB/Octave (rel.100Hz)
Short-term Peak SPL (@1M) 102dB
Upper frequency limit -10dB 32kHz
Input Impedance @1KHz 10K ohms
Input Sensitivity 0.775V(0dBu)
Signal /Noise Ratio > 100dB
System Fb 55Hz
Magnetic Screening Yes
Mains Voltage 230V or 110 V available
Power Consumption 22W idle; 120W max

Physical Characteristics
Balanced signal input socket XLR-1/4" TRS jack combo
Unbalanced signal input socket RCA phono (cinch)
Mains input connector 3 pin IEC fused
Enclosure type Ported
Enclosure construction material 15 & 25mm MDF
Product dimension H X W X D 326 X 190 X 284mm
Net Weight 8.2Kg