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From ENIGAMAcoustic's groundbreaking technology comes an unprecedented and near-perfect electrostatic sound in a small enclosure. Have you ever admired the transparency of electrostatic loudspeakers but felt intimidated by their tremendous bias circuitry, sensitivity to humid environments, and limited life expectancy of the diaphragms?

Well, fear no more. The Sopranino Series, the world's first electrostatic super tweeters by ENIGMAcoustics can add that all of that wonderful electrostatic "sparkle" to your favorite speakers

By leveraging high-tech composite materials and advanced electronics technology, ENIGMA is able to implant a huge amount of electrons onto a membrane tens of times thinner than a human hair and hundreds of times lighter than its dynamic counterparts. The result is a near-perfect diaphragm that carries a constant number of static electric charges, thus greatly reduces the phenomenon of intermodulation distortion created by conductive diaphragm.

In order to achieve the lowest distortion, superior transient behavior, and optimal resistance to humidity, the stators are made of pure copper with rigid composite substrate. Sound quality, best exemplifies by ESL technology, is of the extreme smoothness, transparency and micro dynamics, derived from ESL's physical characteristics of possessing the lowest distortion and lightest diaphragm mass.

Setup and tuning are based on the concept of spectral density instead of crossover frequency; therefore it takes little effort to integrate the Sopraninos.

And, remarkably, Sopranino appeals just as much to your eyes as your ears!


The Sopranino Series is designed to complement high performance audio systems for the reproduction of sounds in the extreme high frequency range that has become popular in today's high-resolution audio programs. This trend is a testament to the long-believed theory that, although theoretically beyond our hearing capability, humans can indeed experience fuller and more comprehensive music through the enhancement of super high frequency signals,

Sopranino integrates the world's smallest electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) driver into a carefully molded and polished aluminum enclosure, and finishes up with an elegantly designed one-half inch thick ultra white glass stand. The aluminum enclosure is configured with a parabolic shape for refraction of dipole back wave, hence optimizes acoustic performances. It takes years of research to realize the full potential of its minimal size and maximum energy efficiency in ENIGMAcoustics' patented Self-Biased ESL driver.

Nevertheless, ENIGMA'S pursuit of excellence in redefining super tweeters for the most knowledgeable audiophiles doesn't stop at mere technical advantages, however revolutionary they might be. The collaboration between our engineers and ID designers is always extensive but intrinsic. Aesthetically, the premium white glass stand represents a physical reflection of Sopranino's crystal clear sound, while the delicate arrangement of edges, angles, and surfaces symbolize industry-leading technology and ultimate craftsmanship.

In theory, electrostatic tweeters typify the most transparent and smooth sound transducers, attributed to the unprecedented physical advantages. In terms of sound reproduction, electrostatic is the best suitable technology for super tweeters, providing a smooth extension of extremely high harmonics without adding any of its own color.

Simply stated, the beauty of the Sopranino Series lies far beyond its exceedingly attractive acoustic characteristics. Remarkably, it appeals just as much to your eyes as your ears.


Nominal impedance 4 ohm
Sensitivity (1m/2.83V) 90dB with 0/-3dB switch
Crossover frequency 8/10/12 kHz
Crossover slope -12dB/oct.
Frequency response 8-40kHz(+/- 3dB)
Recommended input power 50W
Dimensions 7.13"Wx7.60"Hx8.15"D(W181xH193xD207mm)
Weight (Net/Shipping) 6 lb./27 lb.(2.7 Kg / 12.3 Kg)